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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the set of protocols and tools which are used to help multiple software packages interact. They are used to build integration between applications so that users can use functionality from each of those applications.


JavaScript A language commonly used in web design, JavaScript complements and integrates with both Java and HTML.   JavaScript packages include numerous libraries for charts, graphs and other data visualisations.   The syntax used by JavaScript bears resemblance to the syntax for the C# programming language.    


Python Python is an open source language used for detailed statistical analysis, testing and modelling. It is considered object-oriented and is often used for building reusable code patterns.   Popular Python packages for data science include: NumPy (Numeric Python, for performing calculations over entire arrays) Matplotlib (for data visualisations) SciPy (for scientific and technical computing) Read More …


R R is an open source programming language and software environment widely used for statistical analysis, testing and modelling.   RStudio is a popular graphical user interface for R, reducing the amount of direct programming required for statistical analysis and modelling.   For data visualisations using R, a popular package is ggplot2.    

Programming paradigms

Object-oriented programming Object-oriented programming (OOP) is based on the concept of structured data, organised in fields within tables, with operations (functions) that can be applied to the structure. Code is used to run procedures, or methods, using the data in these tables.     Procedural programming Procedural programming, also known as imperative programming, focuses on Read More …