How to remove duplicates in Excel

This is another one which is easy to do in Excel when you know how, you don’t need to write any formulas because there’s an in-built function for you to use (provided your installation is Excel 2007 or later).


In this example you have a list of all the James Bond films with some information including which actor played Bond:




You want to remove duplicates from column D to leave a de-duplicated list of everyone whose played James Bond. To do so select the relevant cells (in this case from B5 to B28), go to the Data tab and within Data Tools choose Remove Duplicates.




If you have multiple columns in your selection, the function will search for any records which duplicate across all selected columns. In this case we’re just running a simple Remove Duplicates on one column and the results have found 18 duplicates leaving us with just 6 actors who have played James Bond.



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