Using the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

If you have commands that you use over and over again in Excel, you can speed things up a bit by adding them to the Quick Access Toolbar in the top left of your screen.




Rather than having to find the command in the ribbon, you are always just one click away. This becomes particularly useful when your command is not in the ribbon. One of these which I regularly use is the in-built camera tool. If you click on the down arrow on the right and select ‘More Commands’, then choose ‘Commands Not in the Ribbon’ from the dropdown list then you will find Camera in the list.




Click Add to move it into the Quick Access Toolbar and click OK and you will notice a new addition in your Quick Access Toolbar with the camera icon available.




As well as simply clicking on it, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt, 4 to select the camera (assuming you have the camera in the 4th position on the toolbar – otherwise Alt, 5, etc).


And it’s not just commands you can add to the toolbar. You can create a macro in your Personal Macro Workbook and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar so it can be ran at any point in just one click of the mouse. Go to File – Options – Customize Ribbon and select Macros from the dropdown list. An example of a personal macro I use is this one which toggles between showing and hiding sheet tabs.

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